Afghanistan:  Army Medic helps to bag up an Afghan Soldier who was just blown up. Our  medics do not wear Red Crosses. They carry rifles.
Army Dustoff MEDEVAC helicopter crews have been performing stellar  work in Afghanistan. When troops are wounded, the Dustoffs go into  hostile territory often while taking ground fire. Most interesting: they  go in unarmed.
The helicopters are emblazoned with the Red Cross, and so according  to the Geneva Conventions they are not allowed to carry offensive  weapons. Just what constitutes an offensive weapon is another line of  discussion, but the bottom line is that Dustoffs do not carry machine  guns.
More interesting is that the Red Cross is one of the symbols used in  the Crusades.  After years of throwing around the COIN acronym while  pretending we have learned something about Counterinsurgency, we still  fly around Afghanistan in CrusaderCopters.

Since December 6 2011

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